Hot Springs Cruisers Car Club

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Sonic Cruise Calendar

Date                   Time/Event                                           Location

April 6                 6:00 Sonic Cruise                                1515 Malvern Ave

May 4                 6:00 Sonic Cruise                                1510 Albert Pike

June 1                6:00 Sonic Cruise                                 Pearcy - Airport Rd & Westgo

July 6                  6:00 Sonic Cruise                                 Sonic on Central Ave by Oaklawn

August 3             6:00 Sonic Cruise                                1528 Airport Rd

September 7       6:00 Sonic Cruise                                Hot Springs Village Sonic

September 21     6:00 Sonic Cruise                                1510 Albert Pike

October 5            6:00 Sonic Cruise                                Sonic Across from Mall

October 19          6:00 Sonic Cruise                                Lakeside New!

November 2         6:00 Sonic Cruise                              1515 Malvern Ave

Upcoming Events


The first Thursday of each month from April through November, we "cruise" to the Sonic Drive-Ins or another local eating establishment in the Hot Springs area.  June thru September, we have an additional cruise each month.   Come join us for some great fun and see the beautiful and unique automobiles belonging to the members of the Hot Springs Cruisers Car Club!

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